With over eight decades of experience in caring for patients with urologic diseases, Duke’s Division of Urologic Surgery has established itself as a world leader in urologic care, research, and education. The Duke Urologic Assembly began in the 1970’s and was held annually at Pinehurst; we are excited to return to our roots at Pinehurst for the first time in decades.   LEADING EDGE UROLOGY: 46th Annual Duke Urologic Assembly will evaluate the most recent advances in the diagnostic evaluations, therapeutic options, management of complications, and technologies that provide leading edge care to patients. Participants will be engaged through moderated discussions and interactive lectures on the latest evidence-based approaches to managing a wide range of urologic conditions across the spectrum of life. 

In partnership with our colleagues in the Duke Cancer Institute we will designate Thursday of the DUA for the DUKE UROLOGIC CANCER SYMPOSIUMa full day CME event featuring lectures by Duke and guest Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, and Urologists speaking on the latest diagnostic, medical, and surgical aspects of urologic cancer management. There will be separate as well as combined registration for the Symposium with the DUA. Download brochure

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For more conference information go to http://urology.surgery.duke.edu/education-and-training/continuing-medical-education-cme/45th-annual-duke-urologic-assembly


·         Evaluate and outline management options for the patient with various urologic conditions

·         Review the latest advances in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer

·         Identify latest updates in management of bladder cancer, upper tract urothelial cancer, renal cell carcinoma, and adrenal disorders

·         Extend improved  patient counseling and generate patient satisfaction regarding therapy choice

·         Examine concepts of the medical management of nephrolithiasis, as well as surgical therapy of both renal and ureteral calculi

Distinguish the different phases of enhancement of the kidney, define enhancement, and understand the use of the region of interest measurement (ROI).

·         Describe the results of recently reported prospective trials of radiotherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer

·         Recognize the impact of urinary tract infections in the Neurogenic Bladder

·         Identify diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections in the Neurogenic Bladder

·         Discuss potential etiologies of urinary tract infections in the Neurogenic Bladder

·         Review current efforts to prevent urinary tract infections in the Neurogenic Bladder

·         Describe contemporary tumor ablation outcomes, complications and a comparison between both modalities

·         Describe the current cancer control and functional outcomes and their limitations

·         Enumerate the historical misconceptions regarding the demographic and natural history of Peyronie’s disease as well as comprehend the current research on the pathophysiology of this scarring disorder 

·         Propose a treatment strategy for the patient with Peyronie’s disease by means of a critical review of non-operative treatment options

·         Define "rare non-motile sperm" as it applies to a post-vasectomy semen analysis

·         Conduct stepwise work up of urinary incontinence in children 

·         Identify various modalities of treatment of voiding dysfunction in children

·         Review the strength of the data implicating testosterone replacement therapy as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease

·         Examine the current role of prostate MRI in the diagnosis of prostate cancer and to define the components of state of the art multiparametric MRI


For registration questions, please contact Duke CME at dcri.cme@dm.duke.edu or call (919) 401-1200.  
For course questions, please contact Robin Phillips at robin.phillips@duke.edu or call (919) 668-3532




Physician Registration to Duke Urologic Cancer Symposium (one day conference) includes Syllabus, Breaks, Thursday Luncheon, and Reception


PA, NP, RN  Registration to Urologic Cancer Symposium (one day conference) includes Syllabus, Breaks, Thursday Luncheon, and Reception


 Physician Registration to Urologic Cancer Symposium  and Duke Urologic Assembly  four day conference


Physician Registration to Urologic Cancer Symposium  and Duke Urologic Assembly  four day conference

$400PA, NP, RN  Registration to Urologic Cancer Symposium and  Duke Urologic Assembly  four day conference includes Syllabus, Thursday Luncheon, Reception,  three breakfasts, breaks, and Saturday Luncheon


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