7 Steps to Course Approval & Credit Designation

  1. If you need help creating a CE activity, contact Duke Continuing Education at CEPD-JAC@dm.duke.edu
  2. Log in to Duke Continuing Education, click “Activity Application,” and complete a “New Application
  3. Submit all REQUIREMENTS below for approval 8 weeks prior to promotion/marketing of the CE activity:
  • Activity Agenda including all start-times, and end-times. *No credit awarded for breaks, lunches, welcomes
  • Activity Budget including all expenses, all projected income from grant support, and all registration fees
  • Disclosure Forms for all planning committee members must be completed via the digital Disclosure Form
  • CE activities require a planning committee member from each profession representing the target audience
  • Planning committee members must submit disclosures prior to planning the CE activity
  • CE Program Specialist mitigates all relevant financial relationships prior to planning the CE activity
  • *Additional speakers must resolve any conflict of interest & submit disclosures 1 week before activity starts
  • CE activity administrators can view & track all active disclosures on the CE Disclosure Dashboard
  • Marketing Materials, including brochures, “save-the-date” flyers, and website announcements
    • Brochures, flyers, and website announcements may not be disseminated until approval is given
    • Planners can promote unapproved activities with NO mention of CE credit on marketing materials
  • Presentation Slides & Videos must be sent to CE Program Specialist at least 1 week prior to CE activity start-date
  1. The Duke CE Program Specialist will review your application & create CE activity on Duke CE site.
  • CE Program Specialist ensures learning objectives are aligned by profession with the target audience
  • CE Program Specialist mitigates all relevant financial relationships & then approves CE Activity Application
  • CE Program Specialist creates CE activity on Duke CE Site & sends credit designation letter to department
  • Planning committee members may request changes & modifications to the application during this time
  1. If the activity includes grant funding and/or commercial support, you must do the following:
  • Department requesting credit must send grant agreements with fund code to Duke OCR for legal approval
  • Confirm completed grant agreements prior to acknowledgement in marketing materials and/or syllabi
  • Collect exhibitor Hold Harmless Agreements prior to acknowledgement in marketing materials and/or syllabi
  1. The Duke Continuing Education team will collaborate with you to finalize the CE activity.
  • Submit finalized marketing materials & links (brochures, flyers, emails, websites, etc.) to CE Program Specialist
  • Ensure that all disclosure forms have been received & all conflicts of interest resolved prior to CE activity
  • Confirm all grant agreements are fully executed (co-signed by Duke) prior to syllabus approval
  • Confirm all exhibitor forms (hold harmless agreements) are signed by exhibitors prior to syllabus approval
  1. Within 14 days after the CE activity, you must submit the following to CEPD-JAC@dm.duke.edu:
  • Excel spreadsheet roster with 3 columns for First Name, Last Name, & Email of all CE activity participants
  • If the CE activity offers pharmacy credit, please include 2 columns for NABP# and PIN# on the roster
  • Finalized budget report, listing all actual income and expenses