Post-Activity Evaluation
As a result of attending this activity, I am better able to:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Discuss the newest imaging techniques and modalities being used to diagnose various abnormalities in adults and children.
Describe techniques and procedures currently being used in Neuro imaging.
Analyze new techniques and procedures in abdominal, cardiothoracic, neuro, breast and musculoskeletal imaging.
Competence is defined as the ability to apply knowledge, skills and judgement in practice (knowing how to do something). Joint Accreditation required us to analyze changes in learner' knowledge/competence, skills/strategies, performance, or patient outcomes.
YesNoNo Change
This activity increased my knowledge/competence.
This activity increased my skills/strategy.
This activity improved my performance.
This activity will improve my patient outcomes.