Learn how to evaluate and develop action plans of a highly stressed team. This session aims to equip leaders with tools, activities and brief learning modules in efforts to strengthen stressed teams, as well as taking a deeper dive into the processes and sequences of team strengthening activities. As shared in our September 2020 monthly webinar, Building Strength and Psychological Safety in Teams, Sanne Holbrook Henninger, LCSW Ed D, Director of Patient Experience of Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic, will discuss the concepts of psychological safety, team coordination, clear communication and leadership alignment but this time with a look at 1-2 best practices as activities for each, primarily for teams in ambulatory care. Interested participants will have access to a variety of modules to take and use within their teams in all health care settings.


  • Learn how to evaluate the dynamics of a highly stressed team and develop an action plan
  • Review the key concepts and factors of a strong team
  • Learn a sequence of events for how to evaluate a team, align co-leaders, create an intervention plan and for each concept identify the most appropriate activity
  • Learn how to use the 1-2 provided activities with your team
  • Understand sustainment planning guidelines in relation to developing long-range plans
Session date: 
Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

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Sanne Holbrook Henninger